Congratulations to our new 2016-2017 teams!!! If your name was accidentally left off the list, please call our office 402-489-5111 right away!

2016-2017 teams


Orientation Times for our new 2016-2017 teams this week! Be prepared to try on and pay for practice wear and orientation fees. Lady X and X5 will do their orientation after worlds.. We will let you know the date ASAP! If you can’t make it to your teams time, our first choice is for you to come to a different teams time, if that doesn’t work then please call Pamela at our office 402-489-5111 to set up a time!

5:30pm- Remix
6:00pm- Excel

5:30pm- Extreme
6:30pm- Matrix

5:30pm- Apex
6:30pm- Onyx
7:30pm- Explosion

5:30pm- Vortex
6:30pm- X-Factor
7:30pm- Excellence

Beatrice teams orientation- Saturday the 24th at 10am!